tuula närhinen


What happens when rain meets a surface?
Touch of Rain studies the effects of rainfall on different materials.
Rain leaves marks that won't vanish in sunshine. The work consists of several methods for sampling the rain:
Rain Painting - traces of rain on paper.

Drop Tracer -
a visual record of a raindrop's collision with soot coated glass slide. A contact microphone catches the sound.

Canned Rain - a rain concerto performed by four tin cans of different sizes.

Baked Rain - a permanent record of drops of rain in wheat flour.

Animated Rain - rain stills on fax paper set in motion.

Pluviograms - contact copies of rain on photo paper.

AME - Japanese Rain - studies the concept of rain from an oriental point of view.

Rain Paintings installation in the Touch of Rain exhibition at Kluuvi gallery 15.2.-3.3.2013
Rain Paintings: the Path of Rain (on the floor) and the Rain Forest at Kluuvi gallery exhibition 2013
Rain Paintings: the Rain Forest at Kluuvi gallery exhibition 2013
Rain by 'media arts': Drop Tracer and the Facsimile of Rain at Kluuvi gallery exhibition 2013