tuula närhinen


Drawing from the scientific study of insects, my project Insects among Us sets out to fathom insects’ ephemeral existence through series of small-scale site-specific installations that visually and acoustically mediates the eerie life worlds of insects to human ears and eyes.

The Nature Morte elaborated on entomological preservation and specimen curation techniques such as setting pointing pinning and spreading. The Diaries of a Serial Killer and the Malaise Trap reflected upon fieldwork practices including trapping, mapping and collecting. The Wing Beats audio installation revisited an acoustic method for identifying insect species devised by the Finnish entomologist Olavi Sotavalta in 1940s. And the Memorial to an Earth Worm pays homage to the common earth worm.

The project was exhibited at the Helsinki Uniarts Research Pavilion 2019 on Giudecca Island in Venice. A rich media presentation of the project is available in the Research Catalogue database.

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