tuula närhinen


Clapotis (French for ”lapping”) is a series of works studying the movement of waves. For the purpose, I built instruments that create images of waves both under and above the surface.

Wave screen makes surface wave patterns visible. The results are photographs and a video of the screen.

Wave tracer records the pulse of the sea in form of a graph on paper.

Storm in a Teacup transfers underwater changes of pressure to oscillating water levels in a U-shaped tube.

In Wavescapes the oscillation of the sea surface is recorded as a photogram directly on photographic paper.

See more images of the Clapotis-project:

  • Wavescreen
  • Wavetracer
  • Storm in a Teacup
  • Wavescapes
  • Clapotis - solo exhibition at gallery Sculptor, Helsinki (2009)
    Wavescreen Stills - 9 c-prints 105 x 75 cm each.
    Wavescreen Stills . 3 c-prints 105 x 75 cm each.