tuula närhinen


Ice and snow are an annual menace to Finns, slowing down traffic and causing accidents. Occupied by those mundane aspects of winter, we take for granted phenomena such as first snow, frozen breath, frost, ice cones and snowflakes - the magic world of winter that children and foreigners find so wonderfully enchanting.
Frostiana is based on physical experiments carried out during the “Little Ice Age” in the 17th century. Those experiments reflect the genuine amazement and curiosity felt by unaccustomed Central and Southern European scientists when confronted with phenomena in glacial temperatures.
With Frostiana, I am hoping to convey that very experience by playing games with winter and recreating some of the winter’s magic in a visual form so that the result can be studied in the warmth of the indoors.

See other works from the Frostiana project:

  • Frosflowers
  • Cracking Cold
  • Snot and Snowflakes
  • Autopsy of a Snowman - melting a Snowman of 64,025 L
    Installation: 7 colour photographs on aluminium, 7 buckets, 3 cans, a pair of mittens, one carrot, water
    Frostflower paintings and Cracking Cold installation at Galerie Lavignes Bastille, Paris (2008)
    Frostflower paintings and Snot&Snowflakes in vitrines. Installation at Galerie Lavignes Bastille, Paris (2008)