Tuula Närhinen

10.8.–26.9.2021 Alien Invaders exhibited at the Artists' Island group show, Harakka Island, Helsinki Bird nests fabricated from the debris of plastic shock tube detonator wires drifted ashore

8.8.–18.8.2021 Rainmakers, a collaborative sonic exhibition by Tuula Närhinen (drum set, photos) and Tytti Arola (musical composition, event) at the Uniarts RP#4 in the Hietsu Helsinki

26.3.–16.5.2021 Whose Nature, a group exhibition at the Jyväskylä Art Museum, Finland
The exhibition tours in 16.7.–29.8.2021 Turku, 4.9.–3.10.2021 Oulu, 13.10.–18.10.2021 Lapua

12.6.–25.9.2021 KALLIOLLA (On the Cliffs) Annantalo Arts Centre, Helsinki, Finland 6.3.–16.5.2021 UNCERTAIN HORIZON WAM, Turku, Finland
Plastic Horizon (2019) Seawatercolours (2012) Mermaid's Tears (2007)Baltic Sea Plastique (2014)