tuula närhinen


The installation consists of 36 c-prints on aluminium (70x50 cm each) and 36 floating sculptures in plastic cases partly filled with water (49x25x29cm each ). Aquarium-like containers with the floating sculptures are placed on metal shelves on the floor and illuminated with fluorescent tubes. The c-prints on aluminium hang in long rows on a wall in the vicinity of the metal shelves.

The floating sculptures are made of plastic waste washed ashore in Helsinki. They represent new kinds of marine species from a previously unknown sea called Plastic Ocean. The photos of the half submerged creatures make them look colorful and charming, not unlike the wonders we see floating by behind the glass of the local aquarium. But viewed in their white plastic cases on metal shelves, they look more like organized trash.

The work exhibited in Forum Box, Helsinki (2008)

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