tuula närhinen


What remains when 40 litres of seawater evaporates? How does a stock cube look like when it is prepared from 10 litres of seawater reduced by cooking?

The otherwise invisible salt content and the dissolved organic matter manifest themselves as colourful residues in a series of soups, sea watercolour paintings and split image seascape photos.

The work entitled The Art of Cooking down the Baltic Sea is a dining table that consists of Soups du Jour and stock cubes made of reduced seawater.
The organic matter in the seawater is further investigated through a series of evaporated Salt Paintings.

A device called Water Colour Scope shows the quality and the colour of water as a split image seascape.

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  • Seawater Soups
  • Salt Paintings
  • Water Colour Scope
  • Installation views
  • SEAWATERCOLOURS - exhibited in SPLICE -Re-Examining Nature (2017) at the Oulu Museum of Art, Oulu, Finland
    Soups du Jour from the installation The Art of Cooking down the Baltic Sea (2012-13)
    Salt paintings from the series Seawatercolours (2o12-13), 100x70 each. From left to right: May, June, Jyly 2012
    Seascapes through the Water Colour Scope (2012)