tuula närhinen

Animated Rain

Telefax paper is thermosensitive - when heated, it instantly turns grey. I used a metal box to shield the rest of the fax roll when a piece of paper on the cover was exposed to rain. The water in the drops evaporated from the surface and prevented the splash marks from turning grey when I "developed" the image using a heat gun. The resulting frames in the fax rolls were animated to create moving images of rain.

Frames of fax paper (21 x 23 cm each) exposed to rain. Animated rain - frames of fax paper exposed to rain and set in motion.
Facsimile of Rain installated in the Touch of Rain exhibition at Kluuvi gallery 15.2.-3.3.2013
Facsimile of Rain: DIY Rain Animator (front) and rain on thermosensitive receipt rolls exposed to rain in a 6x6 camera.