tuula närhinen


Pluviograms are contact copies of rain on photo paper. The amount of rain is recorded as a photogram. I exposed a strip of photographic paper (8x80cm) to rain at four stages using the darkroom test exposure method. First the whole paper was exposed for a certain period of time - e.g. 20 seconds. Then part of the strip was masked and the exposures continued in 20 seconds increments creating a range of exposures 20/40/60/80 secs. After the exposures I let the raindrops dry, scanned the negative and inverted it digitally into a positive image.

Pluviograms installation at The Touch of Rain -exhibition in Kluuvi Gallery 15.2.-3.3.2013
Pluviograms exposed for 4x30 sec, 4x5 sec and 4x20