tuula närhinen

AUTOGRAFI DI ROMA Tactile Impressions

My urban exploration into Roman wall inscriptions resulted in a collection graffiti imprints and rubbings, executed on substrates of recycled, hand-made paper. The papier-mâché originates in discarded newspapers gathered from the streets.

A large wall installation brings together approximately 200 pieces of heterogeneous graffiti imprints deriving from various locations and of different time periods. The happy concoction celebrates the capacity of the rubbings and squeezes to mediate displacements in time and space, made palpable through the imprinting techniques.

See more details and follow the making of the project:
  • Frottages and squeezes
  • Fieldwork in Rome

  • The project resulted from a three months' artist residency at the Villa Lante, the Finnish Cultural Institute in Rome
    The work was exhibited as part of the group show Claws and Connections , an exhibition focusing on research-based artworks  curated by Mika Elo, Denise Ziegler and Maiju Loukola from the Univeresity of the Arts Helsinki.
    The Claws and Connections took place  in the Kuva /Tila exhibition space  in Helsinki 26.1–25.2.2024.
    Download the exhibition catalogue here: CLAWS and CONNECTION catalogue