tuula närhinen

Seawater Soups

Each Soup du Jour or stock cube is prepared of one bucket (= 10 litres) of seawater reduced by cooking. I collected the water samples starting May 2012 through April 2013 from Harakka Island in front of Helsinki.

The installation entitled The Art of Cooking down the Baltic Sea consists of a dining table set with 13 soups and 13 stock cubes.

For the sake of comparison, one Soup du Jour and one stock cube are cooked from seawater around Källskär Island.
The pure white salt layer on the Källskär soup plate shows a clear difference to the turbid Helsinki soups coloured brown by the river Vantaa.

To make a Soup du Jour - take 10 liters of seawater, cook it down and serve the soup on a porcelain plate.
A Soup du Jour (July 7th 2012) and a stock cube (July 5th 2012) contain big cubic salt chrystals.
The white salt layer on the "reference soup" plate (right) and the pure white stock cube are both from Källskär Island.
The preparation of a Soup du Jour with a lot of birch pollen in May 2012
The pollen soup and the resulting 8 stock cubes in stead of one cube in May 2012
The pollen soup and the stock cubes (now covered with mold) at the Prima Materia exhibition in March 2012.
A Soup du Jour and a stock cube set on a tablecloth printed with information of temperature, turbidity and salinity of seawater